Help Us Choose a New Logo

We're excited to announce a refresh of what we once referred to as the Volunteer Action Center, now simply called The site, which is managed by United Way, is a community-driven platform where individuals can connect to local nonprofits and service projects. Individuals can create profiles that take into consideration their interests to quickly reply to nonprofit needs. Meanwhile, nonprofits can efficiently add volunteers to its roster and spread the word about upcoming service projects, events and job openings. Through this free-to-use site, United Way hopes to increase engagement and volunteerism among all El Pasoans of all ages. 

With the refresh, we're asking the community to help us choose a new logo for the site. The team has worked hard on building and narrowing down the possiblities. Now, we want to know what the community thinks and hear its thoughts on which logo best fits this service. Take the poll below and we'll return with the results in a week.