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United Way builds volunteer capacity for migrant hospitality centers

When the migrant hospitality centers providing support to asylum seekers in El Paso began seeing a dramatic increase a few weeks ago, college student Janet Gutierrez knew she needed to commit her spare time to volunteering.      

“What motivated me to volunteer is the opportunity to be able to help others and make a difference for a group of people or even one person,” said Gutierrez. “Knowing that my work is valued and seeing the positive impact on the lives of others is very fulfilling.” 

Meet the Staff - Angelica

1.    Tell us about yourself. 

Born and raised in El Paso but left for many years to pursue my career in the Big Apple.  However, my love for the city and my family brought me back home in 2015.  

I am an accomplished, results-driven marketing professional that has serviced a variety of accounts for global and multinational clients –  just to name a few Procter & Gamble, Goya Foods and US Army.

I have a strong passion to bring positive and measurable change to the community and individuals in need through charitable giving.

3 Ways United Way Fought the Summer Slide & Prepared Children for School

School is back in session. This year, many have said that the summer flew by. At United Way, we couldn't agree more but that's because we were extra busy committing ourselves to providing children with ways to prevent the summer learning loss -- the loss of academic skills or knowledge over the summer months -- and preparing young children for school.