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The Impact of Many,

Welcome City of El Paso employees!


our commitment:

Dear City of El Paso Family, ​

It has been a privilege for me to serve our city, and I’m reminded of the wonderful heart and spirit of our dedicated and committed team at the City of El Paso. We have gone through some challenges in the past years, and our team has put its best foot forward and managed city resources in the best way possible. We adapt when necessary and get the job done. Because of the work we accomplish together, the sun continues to shine in our beautiful city.  

But we have learned we have to be ready at any given moment for any unexpected challenge we may have to face.


We have always been a generous community, and I ask that you consider giving to the City Employee Combined Charities Campaign. Through our campaign, you have the opportunity to support a number of nonprofits that are vetted and approved by our City of El Paso campaign committee. Every dollar counts, and it can make a huge difference in the lives of those who need it most. 

Together we will have a greater impact, and the sentiment that will accompany these donations will continue to lift this community and beyond.  

Thank you for everything that you do for our beautiful Sun City.




Mayor Oscar Leeser

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Payroll Deduction


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make a difference

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Sign up to allow your workplace to deduct a portion of your paycheck to be directed to our United Way. 

Make a one-time gift or reoccurring gift that's automatically deducted from your debit or credit card.



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