Kids' Way Fund

A Partnership of United Way of El Paso County and Region 19 Head Start

In 1999, United Way of El Paso County began a partnership with Region 19 Head Start to create the Kids’ Way Fund.  The program was initiated to teach El Paso's young children the value of philanthropy.  Since then, Region 19 Head Start teachers and students have raised more than $100,000 through a variety of programs and activities.  Last year, despite a global pandemic, youth were able to raise over $4,000 for Kids’ Way Fund!

The funds collected provide mini-grants to local non-profits or school districts for support of programs or projects that directly impact children and/or youth in one of the four impact areas of United Way: Basic Needs, Education, Financial Stability, and Health.  The funds raised by Region 19 Head Start stay here in El Paso to provide continued support for our children and youth.  Each program or project is eligible to receive up to $2,500.

We hope you will participate this year and find it in your heart to continue supporting youth and children in El Paso.  United Way of El Paso County thanks you for your continued support and promotion of the Kids’ Way Fund!

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