COVID-19 Response Efforts

As the threat of the coronavirus impacts our community, so do our United Way's efforts. We have never shied away from rising to the occasion when our community is most in need and this situation is no different. We continue to do what we know best and that is to mobilize and respond quickly. 


Our team has been working relentlessly and round the clock with local governments, nonprofits and business partners to mitigate the disease’s impacts and make preparations to recover as a community. We remain committed to providing support to individuals and resources to local community-based organizations that are responding to meet the needs of many but are being stretched to their limits. Here are just a few ways our United Way is caring for our community in proactive and innovative ways:


  • We continue to fund more than 50 programs from 25 local agencies that during this time are safely or virtually connecting with clients to provide much-needed services, including our own Parents as Teachers program that's using tech to help families navigate the uncertainty and make the most of their time with their children.
  • We've partnered with the Paso Del Norte Community Foundation to launch the El Paso COVID-19 Response Fund to support nonprofit organizations serving the most vulnerable in our community - including the homeless, elderly and food insecure.
  • We are funding the El Paso Community Foundation's Get Shift Program, which is an initiative that pays adversely affected hourly workers in the hospitality industry to work shifts at the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank. Our local United Way will support the program’s adoption with a $25,000 from the Community Impact Fund to be applied where most needed.
  • We are supporting Fab Lab El Paso's COVID-19 Response efforts through a $5,000 grant meant to help address the epidemic’s supply chain shortage of PPE, including face shields, N95 masks and respirators, and ventilators, within the medical community with 3D printing, digital fabrication, and rapid prototyping technology. 
  • We sourced, assembled and delivered more than 1,275 Senior Care Kits featuring hygiene and paper products for our vulnerable elderly population.
  • We assembled and delivered 300 spring-themed baskets with crafts, stickers, candies and more to 150 participating families of our Parents as Teachers program. 
  • We have delivered cleaning supplies and paper products to emergency/transitional shelters, homeless outreach teams, and senior service providers, including: 53,564 bottles of hand sanitizer, 25 medical kits, 10,944 toilet paper rolls, 684 bottles of counter disinfectant, 232 gallons of floor disinfectant, 636 of aerosol cans, 5,000 pairs of gloves, 348 gallons of bleach and counting on all accounts.
  • We engaged our RISE and Young Leaders Society donor networks by launching the Family Fun Registry from which members purchased 200 recreational activities to donate to families in emergency shelters during the stay-at-home order. 
  • We are building the volunteer capacity of the food bank and pantries to assemble emergency boxes for drive-thru distributions through our volunteer-match site,, and by activating the support of our AmeriCorps service members.