Meet the Staff: Jamie

1.     Tell us about yourself.

After living in Austin for 23 years, I made the decision to come home to El Paso last August. I have a background in early childhood education and taught 2 and 5-year olds for more than 20 years. I began my journey with the United Way one year ago as a Program Specialist with the Parents as Teachers program. However, I transitioned over to a position with the El Paso United Family Resiliency Center last December. Some of my favorite things include professional organizing, spending time with my family, live music, the outdoors, sports and cooking. I also have a 20-year-old daughter who just started her 3rd year at the University of Kansas.

2.     Give us a description of what you do for the El Paso United Family Resiliency Center.

As a Resiliency Navigator, I work with individuals who were impacted either indirectly or directly by the August 3rd tragedy. The FRC ultimately serves as a “hub” for the community, connecting its Participants to resources El Paso has to offer. My job is to help them create a plan of care and assist them on their journey to healing and recovery. 

3.     Why is this work so important to our community?

It is important for our community to know the FRC is a place of healing and support. The road to recovery can be long and difficult at times, but it does not have to be navigated alone. While the healing process is important on an individual level, it is also important for us to heal together as a community. 

4.     What is the most surprising thing you have learned about the community and yourself in your time at the El Paso United Family Resiliency Center? 

El Paso is a community with a rich culture and deep-rooted history. Despite the direct attack on its people, we persevere and unite to foster a future of hope and promise. As for myself, I have been pleasantly surprised at how well I have been able to transition from a career in a classroom setting to a case management position. It all stems from the heart. I learned that no matter whether I come and go, I will always call El Paso home. 

5.     What interests you the most about your position at the El Paso Family Resiliency Center?

I have always gravitated toward a profession of service and giving back to my community. I truly appreciate that the FRC team brings various professional gifts and talents to the table. I am honored to share my passion for child advocacy and experience as an educator in a way that serves the borderland in a positive way. 

6.     Share a quote that motivates you as a person and as a member of the El Paso United Family Resiliency Center team.

Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” Being in a service-driven field, those words are so profound.


About El Paso United FRC: 

The El Paso United Family Resiliency Center (FRC) is a program led by the United Way of El Paso County. It serves as a place of healing and support dedicated to serving as a resource to those directly & indirectly impacted by the tragedy of August 3, 2019. Through resiliency navigators, the program offers personalized case management to connect individuals and families to credible programs and services that address their specific needs. The FRC also host a variety of events that allow for a shared healing process. Learn more.