Meet the Staff - Mariana

1. Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in Juarez, Chihuahua. At the age of 11, my family and I moved to El Paso, Texas. At the age of 20, I became a U.S. citizen. I consider myself as bicultural. I’m proud of who I am and where I came from. I’m the eldest of four children born to Antonio and Marisela Gutierrez.  I attended the University of Texas at San Antonio where I graduated with a Bachelor in Communication with a concentration in public Relations and political science. Last December, I graduated from UTEP where I earned a Master’s in Public Administration. I love to be involved with my community through different organizations and programs here in El Paso and Juarez. 

2. Give us a description of what you do for United Way. 

I’m the Fundraising Assistant. I provide support and oversight for the United Way of El Paso County Combined Charitable Campaigns: State Employee Charitable Campaigns (SECC), City Employees Charitable Campaign and County Employees Charitable Campaign. I must ensure the good management of campaign resources and develop and cultivate successful business and personal relationships with department coordinators and department heads.

3. Why is this work so important to our community?

It is important because we are helping our community in many different ways.  In the case of the Combined Charitable Campaigns we give the option to State, City and County employees to contribute to local charitable organizations of their choice. That way they become involved and support their community by giving either their time or their donation to a specific cause or organization.  Their contributions mean a lot to all these charities because they will be able to provide support for all the programs that enhance community well-being.  United Way brings our donors, volunteers and nonprofits together to care for our community and important causes within El Paso. 

4. What is the most surprising thing you have learned about the community and yourself in your time at United Way?

I’ve learned that our work in the community is very important to improve the lives of our people. If we all work together toward a common goal we can achieve great of things. There are a lot of causes and needs out there and we, as ONE community, can make a change in our city and even our country. 

5. Share a quote that motivates you as a person and as a member of the United Way team.

Líder no es mandar, es saber servir y dirigir a los demás con propósito y amor. Author – Unknown