Meet the VISTA - Eric

It's no understatement when we say Eric is the perfect fit for the work we're accomplishing with El Paso Independent District's Community Schools, a program that's helping families in Segundo Barrio find community resources. Eric is great communicator and connector who is eager to make things happen. Keep reading to learn more about him and the work he's leading. 

1. Tell me about yourself. 

I am a person who is continuously looking to learn new things in any aspect of my life. I enjoy working on my free time to push for social change throughout our community, while building lasting relationships. I currently help groups such as EP Food and am a board member of Our Revoluntion and Scraphouse Productions. I try to attend as many concerts and shows as time allows because music is by far one of my favorite activities aside from an a occasional hike. 

2. Tell me about the work you'll be leading. 

I'm working to develop a family resource center in Zavala Elementary while creating a plan to bring community resources into the schools for families. 

3. What are your and United Way's end goals for this work? 

Our goal is to open a family resource center in a school that works as a home base that will allow us to increase student readiness, offer adult educations, and foster an environment that overall improves the health of the community. 

4. Why is this work important to our community? 

It will provide a community with access to free resources that many are unaware of and will allow students to better themselves without having to leave the school they're studying in. 

5. How do you hope to grow as an individual as part of the VISTA program? 

I hope to be able to build a network of community resources in the city so that in the future, I will be able to improve access to others in our city. I hope to be able to organize and work efficiently while working on multiple projects at a time.