Meet the VISTA - Rodolfo

If you know Rodolfo and even if you don't, you'll discover with one quick conversation that he's all about community. Through his words and actions he's showcases that he's a strong believer in community, particularly in our El Paso community and its potential. That's why we're so excited to have him on our team. For the next year, he'll be working to develop programs that will help at risk students. 

1. Tell me about yourself. 

I am fortunate in the fact that I am doing my service in my hometown so I will be able to continue working in my community. I am a board member with the local Our Revolution Chapter, a board member to 501c3 Scraphouse Production, a founding member of EP Food, Group Leader for Citizen's Climate Lobby, a volunteer at The Annunciation House, and a founding member of Continuing the Revolution. In what free time I have, I love to spend time with my girlfriend and make music. 

2. Tell me about the work you'll be leading. 

I will be working at Canutillo Independent School District on a program called Every Student Every Day. I will be monitoring students that are at risk of dropping out by getting them into the proper interventions they may need to catch up. 

3. What are your and United Way's end goals for this work? 

We want to develop a sustainable program that monitors and retains students transitioning from middle school to high school in hopes to be able to use this program at neighboring schools. 

4. Why is this work important to our community? 

Canutillo has a 37 percent poverty rate with 41 percent of its adult population without a high school degree. We'll be working to improve those statistics and inspire more students to work toward a high school diploma. 

5. How do you hope to grow as an individual as part of the VISTA program? 

I hope that this job will push me further from my shell of shyness as well as help me become a well-rounded, organized individual.