Our Priority Areas

We work with everyone in the community to make sure El Paso's future is better for all by ensuring the following: 


Healthy children and youth are ready for school success. 

School Readiness 

  • Home visitation programs 
  • Early childhood development 

Youth Success 

  • Quality in-school and out-of-school time programs 
  • Family engagement 
  • Support services 


Residents are leading healthy lifestyles. 

Access to Health 

  • Behavioral health (counseling) 
  • Healthy beginnings 
  • Health insurance enrollment 
  • Family physical activity and healthy weight management 


Adults & families are financially secure and independent. 

Economic Mobility 

  • Financial education 
  • Free tax preparation 
  • Job readiness 
  • Financial support services 


Vulnerable individuals are able to meet their basic needs. 

  • Food pantries
  • Emergency housing for families 
  • Domestic violence prevention and support
  • Disaster response