Meet the Staff - Holley

Among our newest members is our Marketing and Communications Manager, Holley. Through her spunky personality, she infuses our team with remarkable energy. Her social media savviness and knack for design is taking our communication efforts to the next level. Read on to learn more about the new girl on the block.

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Meet the Staff - Brandon

We couldn’t make a positive impact in the community without our Community Impact Associate, Brandon. We are very grateful for his positive attitude and dedication to making a change in the El Paso community. Find out more about Brandon, including his service to our country as well as his amazing aspirations for the borderland region. 

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Meet the Staff - Elisa

One of the newest members to United Way of El Paso County, Elisa, is working hard to make an impact in the borderland region. In addition to her impressive track record, her commitment to the community makes her the perfect asset to our team. Read below to find out more about her and the work she is spearheading.

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Meet the VISTA - Eric

It's no understatement when we say Eric is the perfect fit for the work we're accomplishing with El Paso Independent District's Community Schools, a program that's helping families in Segundo Barrio find community resources. Eric is great communicator and connector who is eager to make things happen. Keep reading to learn more about him and the work he's leading. 

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