Helping spread our message and mission is Lizette, our team’s fundraising associate. Her passion for philanthropy makes her ideal for the position. Whether she is communicating with local agencies or just out and about in the borderland region, she is always building relationships and fostering an appreciation for the United Way’s work.

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Fundraising Associate is my profession but...

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Our Fundraising Assistant, Becca, is a born and raised El Pasoan who is passionate about improving the quality of life in her hometown. With her strive for excellence in every aspect of her life; she works toward making sure United Way can make a true difference in the city she holds near and dear.

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I was born and raised in El Paso, TX. After spending four years in Austin, TX, I graduated this...

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We couldn’t have found a more engaging individual than Stephanie to lead our community engagement efforts. Her optimism and love for helping others are the perfect attributes to help our affinity groups grow and succeed. Keep reading to find out more about Stephanie’s position and her take on the El Paso community.

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I recently moved to El Paso from Kansas City, MO. I...

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One of the newest members to United Way of El Paso County, Elisa, is working hard to make an impact in the borderland region. In addition to her impressive track record, her commitment to the community makes her the perfect asset to our team. Read below to find out more about her and the work she is spearheading.

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 I was born and raised in El Paso and grew up in the Lower...

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It's no understatement when we say Eric is the perfect fit for the work we're accomplishing with El Paso Independent District's Community Schools, a program that's helping families in Segundo Barrio find community resources. Eric is great communicator and connector who is eager to make things happen. Keep reading to learn more about him and the work he's leading. 

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If you know Rodolfo and even if you don't, you'll discover with one quick conversation that he's all about community. Through his words and actions he's showcases that he's a strong believer in community, particularly in our El Paso community and its potential. That's why we're so excited to have him on our team. For the next year, he'll be working to develop programs that will help at risk students. 

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