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United Way of El Paso County serves as the manager and fiscal agent for the city, county, and state employee campaigns.

The intent of these campaigns is to support communities to the greatest extent possible by enhancing critical programs and services through reinvestment in nonprofit charitable organizations.


Through annual workplace campaigns, county, city, and state employees have the opportunity to support charities making a real difference. With their support, these organizations are able to continue their work of advocating, investing, and innovating vital programs and services to help create a thriving community for all.

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City & County Combined Campaigns

Through the City and County Employee Combined Campaigns, individuals employed by the City and County of El Paso have the opportunity to enact real change by investing in programs providing support to those in need.

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State Employee Charitable Giving

Individuals employed by the state can participate in a State Employee Combined Campaign to support their community by investing in programs providing critical services to those in need.

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