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The Impact of Many

2023-2024 Annual Report

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Dear Friends,

We, at United Way, work to support our community when challenges arise. In 1923, with a population of almost 102,000 and growing, a visionary group of El Pasoans saw the need for a collective fundraising response for community health and social services. A century later, we continue these efforts in addition to more in order to address the needs of our growing community.

Last year, we commemorated the United Way’s centennial anniversary and throughout 2023, we celebrated and collaborated with a multitude of partners, volunteers, donors, and community members. We strengthened our partnerships across El Paso and welcomed new donors and organizations to our United Way family. It is these vital connections that continue to propel our United Way into the future to evolve and pivot, embracing any new avenues and opportunities. 

We are grateful for the dedicated individuals, companies, and organizations that are helping us shape our shared future. As our United Way’s story continues to be written, we look forward to the next chapter. We will continue to be a connector to the El Paso community to bridge partners, leverage resources, and transform lives through successful programs and engagement opportunities. 

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VJ Smith

Board Chair

Georgina Hernández

President and CEO


Reflection from Our Board Chair

Who We Are

Over the years, United Way of El Paso County (UWEPC) has played a vital role in changing numerous lives through generous donations, tireless advocacy, and dedicated volunteer work, fostering cohesion within the vibrant community of El Paso. UWEPC remains unwavering in its dedication to tackling critical issues in Basic Needs, Education, Health, and Financial Stability, ensuring a brighter future for all.



Connect the El Paso community through successful programs and engagement opportunities to positively impact the lives of families and individuals.

Mission, Vision & Maps



Strategy Maps

Intentionally unite and mobilize to develop El Paso County as a thriving community.

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Parents as Teachers

Parent Educators conducted 1,591 home visits, serving 236 children and 204 families. Last year, more than 84% of families were connected to at least one community resource.

The Parents as Teachers (PAT) program is an evidence-based, award-winning, free home visitation program that supports early childhood development. It teaches parents and caregivers about important milestones and school readiness. Once enrolled in the program, families receive personalized visitations from our parent educators with an emphasis on parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting, and family wellbeing. Parents and caregivers enrolled in the program also gain access to exclusive events, a resource network comprised of local organizations and services, and more.

home visits


children served


families served


Healthy Kids: BOOST

Last year, the network had 52 members and grew to 82 members throughout the El Paso, Las Cruces, and Ciudad Juárez region.

The BOOST Network is a partnership between Paso del Norte Health Foundation and United Way of El Paso County. BOOST focuses on enhancing the impact of the OST providers through comprehensive leadership, capacity building, technical support, and programmatic evaluation. Last year, the network had 52 members and grew to 82 members throughout the El Paso, Las Cruces, and Ciudad Juárez region. It is supported by a six-member steering committee that provides oversight and guidance for the network's efforts. As a key out-of-school (OST) partner in the community, BOOST was invited to host Little Amal at Ascarate Park’s Healing Garden in October 2023, who is a global symbol of human rights and travels the world to spread a message of hope.

new members


children & youth
reached through
member programs



El Paso United Family Resiliency Center

The El Paso United Family Resiliency (FRC) provided more than 1,442 referrals, serving more than 360 adults and 47 children who were affected by the August 3rd tragedy.

The FRC partners with local agencies and supports El Pasoans on their healing journeys. The FRC team is composed of dedicated resiliency navigators who connect individuals and families to vital resources throughout the community. Navigators provide referrals for counseling, financial planning, legal guidance, and spiritual care while also working to dismantle mental health stigma. In addition to connecting El Pasoans to valuable resources and services, the FRC team conducts outreach and education to further promote mental health and wellbeing within the community.



children being


adults being served



$538,795 was saved on prescriptions, with 7,774 individuals receiving SingleCare cards.

The SingleCare prescriptions savings card program helps El Pasoans save money on life-saving prescriptions, vaccines, and more. Since introducing SingleCare to the community in 2006, El Pasoans have saved $4.7 million on their prescriptions in this fiscal year.

saved on


card distributed


Basic Needs

El Paso United Community Resiliency Center

The El Paso United Community Resiliency Center (CRC) provided more than 1,490 referrals to basic needs assistance, serving over 315 households, with more than $742,000 being distributed for rental and utility assistance throughout the borderland.

The CRC successfully connects El Pasoans to housing stability resources, such as rent, mortgage, and utility assistance. Once connected to the CRC, individuals are referred to resiliency navigators who work closely to learn their individual needs, develop a personalized plan, and make gains towards recovery and resiliency. Further examples of community partner assistance include connecting households to resources for food insecurity, mental health and wellness, healthcare, building the workforce, and job skills.

basic needs 




rental & utility


Emergency Food & Shelter Program

An average of 93,852 meals and 13,261 nights at shelters were covered by Emergency Food & Shelter Program (EFSP) funding.

The Emergency Food & Shelter Program (EFSP) supports those experiencing hunger and homelessness throughout the El Paso community. Our United Way administers and helps facilitate EFSP with a local jurisdiction board to assist organizations and essential programs offering provisions and housing to those most in need. ​Through EFSP, United Way also administers funds to support the community during emerging needs, including large influxes of migrants. EFSP Humanitarian Funding $16,480,874 was distributed across 10 local recipient organizations.

average meals 


nights at shelters


distributed to 10
local agencies


Financial Stability

Caring Homes

The Caring Homes Initiative’s (CHI) cohort two had eleven new providers complete the program in 2023. The providers received more than 380 hours of training and are currently on the path to receive the Texas Rising Star (TRS) certification. 

The Caring Homes Initiative (CHI) program aims to build the capacity of small, minority-owned childcare businesses by connecting them with resource navigation and financial assistance to stabilize or grow their businesses. CHI advocates for the future generations of El Paso by supporting small business owners in their financial and managerial capacities, providing mentorship and guidance, and increasing access to and improving childcare services to meet safety and quality standards of licensure.  The Caring Homes Initiative is made possible thanks to grants from the Rockefeller Foundation, Wells Fargo Foundation, PNC Foundation.

hours of training


new members
in cohort II


Community Engagement

REALIZE Board Training

A total of 436 participants attended our trainings representing over 70 organizations in our community. 

In partnership with the Paso del Norte Health Foundation, our United Way helps to facilitate the REALIZE Board Training Program. This program helps prepare board members–or those interested in serving on boards–to successfully lead a nonprofit board. The program is taught by local BoardSource certified professionals. REALIZE consists of individual organization trainings, the Lunch & Learn series, and the Get on Board initiative. Courses include nonprofit board governance, fiscal oversight and accountability, fundraising, and more. The REALIZE Board Training hosted its first cohort in Las Cruces in the Fall of 2023 reaching 12 organizations in the New Mexico community.






Over 1,550 volunteer needs were met with over 240 agencies posting their needs on our website. is an online database managed by our United Way that connects El Pasoans to volunteer opportunities throughout the city. The goal for Volunteer El Paso is to foster volunteerism and to support local agencies with much needed volunteers. In the spirit of giving back and the United Way’s Centennial Anniversary, over 300 volunteers came together to complete 100 Acts of Service across El Paso last October.

agency needs met


volunteer needs



12,860 volunteer hours were completed by AmeriCorps members. 

As a national service program, AmeriCorps VISTA is designed to build the capacity of organizations working to empower individuals and communities. Through the hard work of our AmeriCorps VISTA members, we’ve supported the El Paso County Housing Authority, UT Health of Houston-El Paso, and United Way. 11 AmeriCorps members currently serve on the Parents as Teachers Program. AmeriCorps members have thrived during the years and many former members have moved to be part of our United Way staff.

volunteer hours


active members



In 2023, we had 122 Young Leaders Society members and 204 Leadership Society Members

Our United Way donor networks consist of dedicated El Pasoans who are making a difference with their time, talent, and treasure. They are passionate about serving and investing in our community. We actively engage our donor networks with thoughtfully curated events and opportunities focused on philanthropy, volunteerism, and advocacy.

YLS members


Leadership Society


Our Investments

Board of Directors


Board Chair:

VJ Smith  - Marathon Petroleum    

Board Chair Elect:

Elizabeth O’Hara - Texas Gas Service


Roseanne de la Fuente Rueda - Community Leader

Vice Chairs, Resource Development:

Cheryl Mele - El Paso Electric

Alejandro Yu - Raiz Federal Credit Union


Elizabeth Dipp-Metzger - Crown Wealth Strategies      

Immediate Past Board Chair:

Cynthia Conroy - WestStar Bank     


Rob Anderson - The Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus

Ruben Hernandez - JPMorgan Chase

Ian Sparkman - Marathon Petroleum

Travis Beltz - Marathon Petroleum           

Crystal Long - GECU                     

Julie Summerford-Pearson - Hunt Companies

James Brewer - Kemp Smith LLP     

Chelsea Lynch - The Hospitals of Providence East Campus

Brad Taylor - MountainStar Sports Group

Tello Cabrera - SBNG Certified Public Accountants    

Leila Melendez - Workforce Solutions Borderplex

Omar Villa - University Medical Center

Blake Downey - Scott Hulse PC Attorneys at Law

John Quinn - Freeport-McMoRan      

Joshua Villalobos - El Paso Community College

Thomas Gabriel - WestStar Bank

Carmen Sanchez - FirstLight Federal Credit Union

Dr. Stephanie Woods - Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Art Garza - Del Sol Medical Center  

Giselle Smith-Johnson - WestStar Bank

Our Volunteers



Board Committees


Roseanne de la Fuente Rueda, Chair - Community Member

Tello Cabrera - SBNG Certified Public Accountants           

Thomas Gabriel - WestStar Bank

Ruben Hernandez - JP Morgan Chase

Elizabeth O’Hara - Texas Gas Service

John Quinn - Freeport-McMoRan

Carmen Sanchez - First Light Federal Credit Union

VJ Smith - Marathon Petroleum     

Human Resources

Omar Villa, Chair - University Medical Center        

Blake Downey - Scott Hulse PC Attorneys at Law

Elizabeth O’Hara - Texas Gas Service

VJ Smith - Marathon Petroleum

Ian Sparkman - Marathon Petroleum

Brad Taylor - MountainStar Sports Group

Dr. Stephanie Woods - Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso


Cynthia Conroy, Chair - WestStar Bank

Tello Cabrera - SBNG Certified Public Accountants

Ruben Hernandez - JP Morgan Chase 

VJ Smith - Marathon Petroleum

Roseanne de la Fuente Rueda - Community Member

Elizabeth O’Hara - Texas Gas Service

Stephanie Woods - Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso


Elizabeth O’Hara, Chair - Texas Gas Service

Travis Beltz - Marathon Petroleum

James Brewer - Kemp Smith LLP

Elizabeth Dipp-Metzger - Crown Wealth Strategies

VJ Smith - Marathon Petroleum

Joshua Villalobos - El Paso Community College

Young Leaders Advisory Board

Chelsea Norris, President - The Hospitals of Providence

East Campus

Alexandra Chavez - Bank of America 

Thomas Gabriel - WestStar Bank 

Elenie Gonzales - University of Texas at El Paso

Jennifer Navar - Las Palmas Medical Center

Jose Melendez - Vantage Bank 

Nick Seckerson - MountainStar Sports Group 

Alejandro Yu - Raiz Federal Credit Union

BOOST Steering Committee

Alicia Ramirez - CASA Promoción Juvenil

Emmanuel Trujillo - La Rodadora

Monica Jasso - Workforce Solutions Borderplex

Maribel Lechuga - The University of Texas at El Paso

Alysha Swann - La Nube 

Miriam Marquez - Clint ISD 

Sarah Renteria - Friends of the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks 

Graciela Coronel - Desarrollo Juvenil del Norte

El Paso United Family Resiliency Center Advisory Committee

Enrique Mata Paso - Paso del Norte Community Foundation

Rene Hurtado - Emergence Health Network

David Stout - County Commissioner

Isidro Torres - NAMI

Nicole Ferrini - City of El Paso

Mario Porras - El Paso Community Foundation

Nickole Rodriguez - City of El Paso

FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Program

Adela Alonso - City of El Paso

Guadalupe Arellano - Community Member

Hector Montes - AFSCME

Irene Valenzuela - County of El Paso

Jose Castrellon - Catholic Counseling Services

Joy Leos - Texas 211

Julie Summerford-Pearson - Hunt Companies - United Way Representative

Maj. Floiran Estrada - The Salvation Army

Margarita G. Sanchez - Community Member

Mark Matthys - University Presbyterian

Elizabeth Palyu - Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo

Raymond Tullius - Opportunity Center for the Homeless

Rebecca Mendez - Jewish Federation of Greater El Paso

Steve Yellen - Ameriprise

Susan Goodell - El Pasoans Fighting Hunger

Yvette Lugo - Rio Grande Area Agency on Aging

Anna Apodaca - American Red Cross

Combined Campaigns

2023 City Charity Campaign

Virginia Theroux - City of El Paso

Araceli Guerra - City of El Paso

Mary L. Michel - City of El Paso

2023 County Charity Campaign

Janet Sanchez - County of El Paso

Yulissa Rubio - County of El Paso

Jackie Butler - County of El Paso

Christabelle Guzman - County of El Paso

2023 State Employee Charity Campaign

Norma Rincon - Texas Tech University Health Science Center

Vanessa Leon - The University of Texas at El Paso

Carmen Calderon - Texas Department of Public Safety

Margarita Garcia - Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Arco de Platino
$150,000 - $125,000

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Arco de Diamante

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Marathon Logo.jpeg

Arco de Oro 
$100,000 - $150,000

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Texas Gas Service Logo.jpg



Our Investors

Community Impact

Community Resiliency

Angelica Mata Lindstrom

Senior Director of Community Resiliency


El Paso United Family Resiliency Center

Alberto Ruiz Aguilar

Assistant Director


Desiree Castillo

Resiliency Navigator


Telma De La Rosa

Resource Specialist


Fabian Laveaga

Resiliency Navigator


Carola Muñoz de Cote

Outreach Coordinator


Jorge Lozano

Resiliency Navigator


Jesus Quiñonez

Grants Administrator


El Paso United Community Resiliency Center

Anais Shults

El Paso United Community Resiliency Center Manager


Maria Dolores Arreola

CRC Resource Specialist


Destiny Garcia

CRC Outreach Coordinator


Daniela Garcia Morales

CRC Resiliency Navigator


Diana Lopez

CRC Resource Specialist


Jackie Ontiveros

CRC Resiliency Navigator


Mary Jo Werito

CRC Resiliency Navigator

Strategic Partnerships

Kimberly Cedillo

Director of Strategic Partnerships


Enrique Garcia

Healthy Kids Director


Ana Ramirez

Healthy Kids Marketing Coordinator


Karen Martinez

Workforce Development Manager

Early Childhood Initiatives

Violeta Lopez-Unzueta

Director of Early Childhood Initiatives        


Georgina Hernández

President & CEO


Finance & Administration

Julianne Yuhas

Senior Director of Finance & Administration


Maria Barron

Pledges Receivable & Purchasing Specialist


Priscilla Escobar

Staff Accountant


Terry Maldonado

Administration Specialist


Rita Rios

Grants Administrator    


Marketing & Engagement

Azucena Lozano

Director of Marketing & Engagement


Mary Aikman

Strategic Engagement Manager


Daniel Mendez

Marketing & Communications Associate                         



Arnold Naves

Director of Philanthropy


Crystal Gurrola

Development Specialist             

HOPES Parents as Teachers

Brenda Vasquez

HOPES Program Specialist


Leticia Campos

HOPES Parents as Teachers Parent Educator


Tali Castillon

HOPES Parents as Teachers Parent Educator


Avelyn Murillo

HOPES Parents as Teachers Parent Educator


Aracely Ramirez

HOPES Parents as Teachers Case Manager


Itzahi Rodela

HOPES Parents as Teachers Parent Educator


Marylin Werito

HOPES Parents as Teachers Parent Educator

AmeriCorps Parents as Teachers

Naomi Estrada

AmeriCorps Member Parents as Teachers Lead

Taylor Bjorkllund

AmeriCorps Member Parents as Teachers Parent Educator


Violeta Chavez

AmeriCorps Member Parents as Teachers Parent Educator


Denise Gonzalez

AmeriCorps Member Parents as Teachers Parent Educator


Daniela Mireles

AmeriCorps Member Parents as Teachers Resource Navigator


Jahel Rojas

AmeriCorps Member Parents as Teachers Resource Navigator


James Stewart

AmeriCorps Member Parents as Teachers Resource Navigator


Ashley Valerio

AmeriCorps Member Parents as Teachers Resource Navigator


AmeriCorps VISTA

Karla Mata

AmeriCorps VISTA Project Director


Alfredo Campos

VISTA Member


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