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Supporting Our Elderly Community Through the Senior Fund

As we navigated the challenges of the last few years, no one was impacted more than our senior population. From health obstacles to newfound financial strain, the impact of the pandemic was felt far and wide. But through the Senior Fund, we were able to help ensure our local seniors had access to toiletries when shopping in-person proved risky, blankets and fans during extreme weather events, and the funds needed to obtain import items and services.

What is the Senior Fund?

The Senior Fund, a partnership among the El Paso Times, the Area Agency on Aging, and our United Way, supports local senior citizens by helping to cover the cost of items and services that can’t be fully covered by social services. These include medications, dentures, home modifications for accessibility purposes, and more.

Through this partnership, we also hosted summer fan and winter blanket drives to support those without access to heating and cooling, and assembled and delivered toiletry kits at the height of the pandemic. Because of the Senior Fund, individuals can gain access to the items and services they need to lead healthy, independent lives.

How You Can Make a Difference

The goal of the Senior Fund is to support seniors in need of critical items and services, like the case of a 78-year-old woman who lives in an older home in the Sunset Heights area and is undergoing cancer treatment. This individual has struggled to leave her home because both the rear and front entrances are accessible only by stairs—something that has become impossible due to her failing health and other issues. Though her sister and her son care for her, she has been unable to leave her house since March 2022 to receive the cancer treatment she needs.

When you support the Senior Fund, you can help to ensure that local seniors like this woman can receive funding for home modification projects that make their homes accessible and give them the freedom they need to thrive—including ramp installations in older and otherwise inaccessible homes.

You can support the Senior Fund by making a contribution this holiday season. Your support will not go unnoticed and will help those who need it most.


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